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Our high-quality Ceramic Coatings provide an unrivaled level of water resistance, durability, and gloss, ensuring that your car stays looking brand new for YEARS to come.  

Say goodbye to long washes and frequent waxing and say HELLO to a long-lasting showroom-worthy shine.

Trust Bugz Auto Detailing to provide the best Ceramic Coating Services, and you'll never look back.


Exterior Ceramic Coating

Includes Premium Exterior Detail, 1-Step Paint Correction, & a 2-3 Year Ceramic Coating.   


Maintenance washes for 3 years. 

Starting at $600

Coated Mirror_edited.jpg

Trim Ceramic Coating

Includes a Trim Restoration followed by a 12-Month Ceramic Coating on all Trim. 



Leather Ceramic Coating

Includes a full restoration of all leather (non repair) followed by a 12-Month Ceramic Coating on all applicable Leather Surfaces. 



Glass Ceramic Coating

Includes window polish followed by a

12-Month Ceramic Coating on all windows. 



Wheel Ceramic Coating

Includes a deep cleaning of the wheels, tires, and calipers.  Followed by a 

12-Month Ceramic Coating applied to all 4 wheels.



Interior Ceramic Coating

Includes a Premium Interior Detail, followed by a 12-Month Ceramic Coating on all Interior Surfaces. (Leather  not included)


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